uae visa latest update april 2020



Just like other countries around the world, UAE is also taking steps to prevent Corona Virus from spreading. Following are the recent visa updates coming from UAE after Corona virus outbreak worldwide.


Latest announcement by GDRFA is that all those persons with entry permits such as visit visa, tourist visa or any other, their visas are extended till December 2020. This decision applies on those whose visa had to expire after 1st March. For any question, call on 8005111 or 0097143139999 (for outside UAE).


Now, you need a permit before any movement via cycle or by foot, follow this website to get a permit

      • Since 19th March, those with valid resident visa cannot enter for an extendable period of two weeks. The period is extended for next two weeks.

      • ALL fines related to visa expiry are waived off.

      • UAE citizens in other countries have to contact their UAE embassies in respective countries, so they will get support in return to UAE.

      • Anyone entering the country have to be quarantined for a period of 14 days.

      • The official authority (ICA) is available for any query or support via following contacts:

‏-Fax: 025543883

-Mobile: 0501066099

-Landline 02 3128867- 02 3128865




Few days ago, UAE decided to stop issuing new entry and work visas from March 17th on wards. UAE Expo 2020 workers and renewal of residency (if currently residing in UAE) are exempted from this decision. 

Remember that this decision does not apply on diplomatic passport holders and UAE native citizens. They can move in and out of the country after going through screening process of Corona Virus.

In case, you want to check UAE visa status online, visit here.



At afternoon 18th March, UAE Embassy UK tweeted this latest news that UAE govt has temporarily restricted those coming to UAE by visa on arrival.



Corona virus update from UAE


It means that those countries whose natives usually get visa on arrival in UAE cannot travel from 19th March. Here’s official list of countries that can otherwise get visa on arrival in UAE.



Remember, it is everyone’s responsibility to cooperate with UAE govt at this tough time. As the govt is taking steps for its residents and doing whatever is possible, UAE residents need to do their share. Keep care of yourself and those around. When symptoms are visible, visit the relevant medical staff.

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