UAE employment visa rules

UAE employment visa rules

UAE is a dream place for many workers. It’s like a land of opportunities for professional degree holders, labours or any person who wants to earn money. When we think to live and work in another country, the first thing that comes up to our mind is “visa” of that country. Now, those who want to work in UAE and know the UAE employment visa rules, are at the right place. Guys, in this article today, we will cover the process from applying for a job to your work permit visa in UAE.

UAE Employment Visa Rules:

The UAE employment visa rules are always worth to know. You might need them yourself or for someone in your friend zone. The visa rules for foreigners in UAE are so simple to know if you pay them a bit attention. You have to spend some of your precious time to check out the process and all of its steps. This is what we at UAEEMPLOYMENTS do. We dig the matter and rules, and present them to our reader in a more simple way. The question here is how can you get a work visa for UAE?

First of all, you have to apply for a job if that’s what you want. Once you get the job letter, you have to sign it after a careful reading. A job letter is commonly known as a document which is a contract between you and your employer/company. After you sign the letter, you become an employee of that company. The next step is to send your documents. You can also check your visa status online here.


If you are living in some other country than UAE, you have to get the entry permit to enter UAE. This entry permit is the responsibility of your company which offers you the job. So, the legal support of the sponsor is the basic requirement for an entry permit. After you entry, you have to go through medical tests conducted by health centers in UAE. The patients of HIV and TB will not be allowed to work. They will have to go back to their country.

Time period of UAE Employment Visa:

In normal routine, it takes almost three weeks for complete procedure. However, this three week time period will extend if your educational documents are not verified from the government authorities. Not every employer asks for this verification of degrees, but in most cases, you have to verify your educational documents.

Documents required for work permit:

  • Your photos
  • Residence visa
  • Passport with at least six months validity
  • Health certificate
  • Total 3 copies of employment contract

Some major changes in the visa policy and rules are listed below. Here, these points will inform you about these new changes. We have tried to make these changes in UAE employment visa rules easier for you to read and understand it without any trouble.


The good news for workers in private sector is that they would not leave and re-enter the country for their visa adjustment. These individuals can change their visa status or adjust it while being in UAE with a fee. Before this announcement, those workers would have to re-enter the country in order to renew the visa. It used to cost the burden over the recruiters and workers. So, these new changes have made this process easier and flexible.


According to this latest development in visa policies, workers who have overstayed in UAE can get a six month visa if they want to keep working in UAE. This change will surely attract the workers and will bring good opportunities for everyone. Workers who wish to continue their visa despite their overstay can get this visa offer. 


The students who are currently studying in UAE can get two (2) years extension visa when they complete their studies and professional degrees. This change will apply on those who live in UAE visa sponsored by their parents to study in UAE.


 Authorities have announced a kind of relief for those who are not living legally in UAE. These persons can voluntarily leave the country with a “no entry” stamp for two years. For this purpose, they will have to show their return ticket.


Passengers who are on a transit stay can have a free visa for 48 hours during their stay. However, a passenger can get 96 hours visa also only at the 50 Dirhams fee. This change in policy will attract the tourists to the world first class luxurious spots.


UAE cabinet has also decided to diminish the mandatory bank guarantee. Instead of this requirement, a low cost insurance scheme is introduced for the relief of company. With this announcement, recruiters will find a great relief in their recruiting process.
So, these are the major reforms and changes in UAE employment visa policy which are recently introduced by UAE cabinet under the presidency of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al- Makhtoum. These new changes will bring more opportunities for workers and a relief for recruiters. It will have a great positive impact on the UAE economical position and as a competitive market in the world.


As you all know, this is not an official site. UAE employment is a plate form which will guide and help you about questions related to UAE law. Moreover, we compose such articles to help our reader in knowing the information about UAE visa and the rules to know its status or validity. As this article describes the information about UAE employment visa rules, but you are advised to contact the relevant official authorities to confirm the rules and facts. Here is the link of official website. We would like to know your feedback about our article. If you have any question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask. Type it in the comment box. We will response you as soon as possible.

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