UAE Culture 6 Informative Facts To Explore

If you are having questions in your mind like what is the culture of UAE or if you want to know about UAE culture, here are 7 facts about the culture of UAE. In this page, we are going to explore some interesting facts. First of all, you should know that United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country. Most of the laws are influenced by Islam or practiced according to Islam. Friday is the holiday in UAE because of its holiness in Islam. However, as many people living in UAE belong to countries with different religious and cultural background, there is some flexibility for them. Apparently, it has become a cultural hub.


While walking in a market in UAE, you would see people with different colors, races and lifestyle. People with different dresses such as Kandura, abaya, shirts, shalwar kamiz or may be short skirts. UAE culture allows people to freely live their lives but they have to follow some rules e.g, not to kiss in public. In UAE, showing your love to someone publicly is against the law except you hold the hands of your partner. So, UAE is having a complex culture where everyone respects the cultures of others and do not cross the limits.




There is no fixed dress in UAE. You can wear what you want but you have to obey the law and respect the UAE Islamic culture. For instance, if you walk shirtless in public, it would be inappropriate behaviour. Authorities might warn or punish you in some cases. On the other side, you can see the beauty of diversified society in UAE. The UAE nationals mostly wear Kandura, a long white shirt. While women wear Abaya, which is a black veil covering all the body. There are people wearing shalwar kamiz, shirts and paints, or different dresses which adds to the beauty of complex culture of uae.


Do you know that the population of UAE is around 9 million. Most of the population is non native while only 15-20 % are native people. The native people are mostly Arabs so their language is Arabic. However, English is spoken mostly because it’s the language learnt all over in the world. Most of the non native people are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philipines, Egypt and other GCC countries. As being a place full of career opportunities, people across the world live there to work and earn money. It’s also a good tourist spot, so there is always a rush of tourists in the country.


The UAE culture food has a variety. The list of cultural food includes Al Jabab bread, camel meat, mutton, dates, fish, Kabsa, Shuwaa, Khabees. It’s not the end. In United Arab Emirates, you can find a variety of food. From Indian and Pakistani spicy dishes, you can find the Italian, Chinese and other famous foods in the world. In drinks, Chai, Coffee, Qehwa, Carbonated Drinks and Alcohol is also available. However, drinking alcohol at public places in UAE is illegal. If you are drunk, you should avoid travelling in UAE. You can get a liquor license and drink at yor home by the way.


Do you wonder that there is some traditional dance in UAE? You are not alone in this. Many people ask this question and the answer is YES. There is a traditional dance in culture of UAE popularly known as “Ayala Dance”. This dance (also known as Stick dance) includes two rows of participators facing each other while the drums are also played as source of music.

UAE CULTURE Traditional dance image


There are many sports played in United Arab Emirates. Football is the most popular sport in UAE culture as the Emirates and other western nationals love this game. There are many grounds for public and professionals. However, tennis, cricket, hockey and other games are famous also. As many Indians and Pakistanis live in UAE, cricket has become one of its popular sport also. As having some amazing grounds and safety measures, UAE hosts international matches of cricket every year.


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