The New President of UAE

The New President of UAE Works 18 Hours A Day

As you all know, the newly elected president of UAE is Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Let’s discuss the prominent good qualities that he posses as the leader of United Arab Emirates.


A Leader Who is Always Working Hard

Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan is famous for his 18 hours work every day. We have always seen him focused on his work. He does not exceed the holidays than the official one. Under his direction, the UAE has sent its mission to Mars. His love for technology is huge. We can see UAE as emerging country in the region under his leadership. The new president has been leading the Arab world for so many years. Despite his huge wealth and destination, he keeps a remarkably low profile.

A Prominent Pakistani Politician congratulating the new president

A Man of People!

If you follow news and social media, you will always see him among the people. Sometimes, he is with kids, and sometimes, he is meeting with expats. He know their issues and always concerned about all of residents. Under his leadership, residents of UAE are united. One example is how almost 200 different nationalities are living in harmony and in respectful in the UAE.

New President Sheikh Muhammad meeting Israeli President
New President Sheikh Muhammad meeting Israeli President

The same courage as his predecessor!

The way whole world leaders visited UAE on the demise of Sheikh Khalifa shows how important UAE is on the stage of world. The new president of UAE seems to follow the footstep of his brother and his father. His decision making is appreciated worldwide towards peace and prosperity. His challenge will be handling the regional and international conflicts and to sort out the best solution in it.


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Let’s hope Sheikh Muhammad gets successful in his mission to bring peace and prosperity in the region.


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