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Welcome to twenty first century modern world, where a single job might not be enough for your expenses and dreams. Most of the times in today’s world, people are preferring to do extra time work in order to fulfill their necessities and achieve their dreams. Full time workers, students and professionals are now focusing to find a part time job in most of the countries. If you are living or working in UAE and want to know about part time job in UAE, here’s all the details which may be helpful for you. So, spend a few minutes on this blog and you will be aware of some useful information.

UAE Labour Law permits part time job in UAE:

UAE government has approved the law of part time work which allows a person to work more than one place. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before going for a part time job in UAE. You can’t ignore the law and start working at any place you want. As you know, the UAE authorities are strict in enforcing their law. So, you should be aware of the certain limits and boundaries while working extra time than your permanent work. In this article, we have composed different sections of information with a label on them. You can easily find out your query without bothering much about details.

Requirements for a part time work:


Before starting your part time job, first you should know whether you are eligible for the extra time work or not. The UAE law allows a student, a university degree holder, a skilled workers (having a diploma of three years at least) both UAE citizens and foreigners to join a second job. If you belongs to one of these categories, you should get a permit from MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation). Those persons who are above 65 years cannot apply for this permit. Teenagers with age less than 18 years can apply if their parents sponsor them. Despite this, visit or tourist visa holder cannot get this permit because they don’t have a legal sponsor or employer.

Persons on Family Visa:
The persons who live on family visa can do part time jobs by having NOC from sponsor and work permit. These permits can be issued to men and women aged between 18 and 65 years.


The law does not allow everyone to work at more than one place for numerous hours. First of all, you should know that law of part time job in UAE is same as the law for regular job. The basic rules for both the jobs are same. However, you need to know that a person cannot work for than 8 hours a day in extra time work. If we count the weekly time, it becomes 48 hours. You cannot exceed working more than this time limit. In addition to this, a holiday is must in a week. You have to work six days instead of continuous seven days.


According to the UAE law about part time job, the employee should have a work permit. The perspective employer should apply for this permit. There are two ways i.e. they can apply online or they can apply through “Tehseel Centers”. This permit for part time work is eligible for six months. If an employee want to convert this part time work permit into full-time job, he or she will have to wait until the previous full-time work contract ends. You should remember that official process usually takes some of your time. So, make your mind ready for the official procedure.


If you are thinking to apply for the permit to work as a part time worker in UAE, you are supposed to keep the following documents with at the time of application.
▪NOC (No Objection Certificate) from sponsor/employer is needed.
▪Copy of applicant’s passport.
▪Job contract’s copy.
▪A photo with white background
▪Copy of Trade Licenses of full-time employer and perspective employer
▪Applicant’s visa copy valid at least for six months.
▪(If needed) Copy of academic qualifications verified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is Emirates ID?


Most of the time, you have to submit a fee before applying for something. In this procedure of applying for a permit to work part time job in UAE, a certain fee is charged by the authorities. The fee for the application is 100 AED. In addition with this, the fee for the permit is 500 AED. The perspective employer pays this fee, so the worker should not worry about this fee. In addition to all this, you should know that the UAE government has the authority to change the fee at any time.


This flexibility in law will surely bring good changes in UAE residents. This part time work law gives a chance to students, professionals and skilled workers to improve their lives standard. It will impact the labor market in a progressive way. Nothing is more appealing for a worker than getting a chance to earn more money for himself/herself and his/her family. A student can help himself/herself in the educational and other expenses by working in extra time. The labors have got the chance to earn extra money so that they can avail many more facilities in their lives.


As you all know, this is not an official site. UAE employment is a plate form which will guide and help you about questions related to UAE law. We compose such articles to help our reader in knowing the information about UAE and the laws in it. As this article describes the information about part time job in UAE, but you are advised to contact the relevant official authorities to confirm the rules and facts. Here is the link of official website. We would like to know your feedback about our article. If you have any question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask. Type it in the comment box. We will response you as soon as possible.

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