For our audience in Pakistan, we would like to share this latest news coming from Pakistan. The Pakistani govt has recently taken steps against spams and fake job alerts. According to the sources, these 12 companies did not give the promised salary and services. Most of these companies would send the worler to some other duty place with a different job than mentioned in advertisement.


So, here’s the list of agencies that are banned by Pakistani government from hiring people:

  • Citizen Munawwar Latifi
  • Shirka Ardn Al Muheet
  • Shah International F/S LLC
  • Nazar Motors LLC
  • Shirka Amwaj ul Bahar
  • Arkuita LLC
  • Shirka Seeful Badar
  • Dar ul Riyan
  • Ulfta Enterprises (Pakistani Agency)
  • Faith International ( Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
  • Al Wasio International Lahore



BEOE is bewaring the people willing to immigrate for job in other countries like UAE, KSA or other gulf countries. On their official Twitter account, they are sharing the picture of fake agencies advertisements.


Meanwhile, BEOE has suspended the licenses of these companies in their country. They can no longer give job officially. Also, the govt has beware its people to “do not go for a company that asks money for visa”.

Share this news with your friends in Pakistan who want to work abroad. So , they would not be trapped by fake agencies.

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