How to get uae golden card

How To Get UAE Golden Card | Requirements and Benefits


The UAE Government has recently announced the permanent residency system. Basically, ” UAE golden card” will grant foreign investors, professionals and students with brilliant record a long term residency visa. This visa is attractive for investors and businessmen because it will create a sense of belonging to the country UAE.

In the first batch, a number of 6800 golden cards will be issued. The UAE government determines to open its doors for foreigners. Previously, there was no such service or grant of visa. Almost all visas were short term or for a time period of two three years. This government has taken this step to motivate the investors and students from all across the world.

How To Get UAE Golden Card

Five categories that can get UAE Golden Card

Apparently, there are five categories who can get this long term residency visa.

  1. First of all, those investors who invested who invested an amount of at least Dh10 million. The investors should not hold any loan.
  2. Students with 95% in secondary school and 3.75 GPA in graduation can also get this golden card by UAE government.
  3. Entrepreneurs can get visa for five years if they owm a prohect with a value of at least Dh5 million. Please note that this should not include any bank loan.
  4. Real estate investors can also get this card if they have invested an amount of at least Dh5 million.
  5. Professionals such as reserachers, scientists, doctors and innovators can get 10 year visa. They must have a valid work contract and specialisation in the area of field.

Benefits of the Card:

• This card will ensure the holders’s belonging to the country. It will increase the sense of responsibilty.
• Holders of this card can get renewable visas for their families.
• These persons will get the benefits of extra services by UAE government.

How To Apply for UAE golden card:

To apply online, visit this official website ““.

Check UAE Visa Status Online

The Overwhelming Response to this announcment:

The response to this announcment of long term visa is overwhelming. Businessmen, students and investors are welcoming this initiative from UAE government. Sunnt Varkey, the founder and chairman of GEFS Educations said: ” The UAE Golden Card is important decision that will further stronger the sense of belonging of people from all over the world in the UAE. It will also help attract more investment and top talent to the country. For several expats who have been part and parcel of the nations growth for decades, this brings cheer. Permanent residency of UAE will further inspire trust and confidence in this nation.”

How To Apply Online For UAE Golden Card?

The officials has issued a new website to apply online for UAE Golden Card.

  • First, you will have to register yourself. Enter your email where you will receive notification.
  • Once you receive the code on your email, provide it so they will verify your account.


How to apply online for uae gold card


After you verify your account, enter the details that are required.

applying online for uae gold card

Type your data and digits correctly from your passport and other documents.

how to apply online to get uae golden card

After entering your data about residence outside UAE, you will have to provide your work and experience details.


After you complete your application online, you will receive further notification within 30 days about your nomination for Gold Card of UAE. They will notify you via the email that you provided.

For any query relating your application, contact at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +97124955555


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