Today, after a long time, we are going to know things about UAE sponsor law. By this, we mean what is the process of sponsoring someone outside the UAE? What residents of UAE can sponsor their family? Who could be sponsored according to the UAE new law? Don’t feel any burden, we are here to divide all this information into some spicy small bites i.e, step by step. Read it all till the end.

What’s the news about UAE sponsor law?

First of all, the good news is that UAE government (FAIC) has made it quite easier for their residents to sponsor their family (beloved ones). The criteria to be eligible for sponsoring is the SALARY not the profession (as it used to be). The person who wants to sponsor someone should earn at least 4000 Dh per month or 3000 per month with accomodation from company. If a person earns this much salary he/she can sponsor their family. UAE cabinet decided this new law in their decision No. 30 of July 2019.

Who’s eligble to be sponsored?

Now, the next question is “Who can be sponsored according to UAE law? Does it include all the members of the family i.e, siblings and relatives. The answer is NO. One can sponsor his/her life partner and kids. By life partner, we mean husband or wife can sponsor each other, surely with both willing to move into the United Arab Emirates.


The child should be the child and not a married son/daughter. This mean that their age should be under 18 years. On the other hand, if the child is above 18 and a student in UAE, the parents have to provide documents for that.


Can a divorce woman sponsor her child to live in UAE?

Yes, a divorced or widow woman can sponsor her child. For this purpose, she has to provide the legal proof that she is the custodian of her child. A woman can also sponsor her husband if he is living outside UAE. Yet, she has to go through the same process of UAE sponsor law.


Should have(s):

  1. Family members must have health insurance
  2. They all should apply for Emirates ID as per UAE law
  3. The family’s information must be submited at relevant authorities.



Possible outcomes of UAE sponsor law:

Who on the earth would choose to live without family. Not me for sure. I am UAE Employment (in case you don’t know me). Thus, the possible outcomes of the sponsor law of UAE is very positive. The authorities are happy about their decision.


UAE government has received a very positive response becuase they have made it accessible to almost anyone. This law will surely change the outlook of UAE. Furthermore, it will attract new workers and professionals as a desirable country to live in.


One of the lawyer named Barney Almazar said;  “By making income as one of the criteria instead of profession, the new sponsor law has become more inclusive to cover not just professionals but skilled workers as well.”


Documents to submit:

  • Verified marriage contract in Arabic Translation
  • Birth certificate of the kid(s) verified and in Arabic traslation
  • Salary proof (recent)
  • For workers in publice sector or private sector, bank statement (not older than three months) or salary certificate


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