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An ID card is basically a small card which is used as a person’s identity in any given country. In this article, we are going to know what is an “Emirates ID”, how to get, cancel or renew it. You will get to know every bit of what is needed to know about Emirates ID and the different procedures related to it.

In United Arab Emirates, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues an Emirates ID. Every person in UAE, whether he/she is its citizen or resident, needs to keep it with him/her every time while staying in UAE. In simple words, you should have it if you are residing in UAE.

So, it is basically the evidence of your identity. You cannot travel and avail government services without the presence of this card. You have to provide it as a document proof in immigration process or to pass smart gates at many airports in UAE.

Getting Emirates ID in UAE:

Before you get to know how to get Emirates ID, do you know that in UAE:

 No one is allowed to hold forcefully the Emirates ID of some other individual.

 Even the companies are prohibited to keep the ID cards of its employees.

⇒ They can only save the data on the ID card of their employees.

In case of violating this rule, the card owner should contact the judicial authorities. So, this law is surely for the easiness of employees and residents in the UAE. In this way, they would not face any issue in the absence of it. Now, let jump to next important part!

How can I get Emirates ID?

There are a few simple and easy steps in the process of getting an Emirates ID. We will tell you the easier way of how to get this ID.

To apply for “Emirates ID”, the person who is applying, have two options.

  1. One way is to apply online at the website of FAIC ( Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) and fill the application.
  2. The second way is to visit any of the “typing centers” provided by the UAE government.

Once you apply, you will get an SMS which will describe the time and location for the registration. The applicant will visit that center to register himself/herself which is mentioned in that SMS. So, the information about fees, required documents, and applying process is available on “FAIC’s website“.


A lots of people ask questions like how to check Emirates ID status using application number. It is very easy and simple. Open the official website of UAE government. This link of website will take you directly there. Enter your application number there and you will find the status of Emirates ID.


It is important to know that an Emirates ID expires after a certain time limit. So, the card owner will have to renew his/her ID after it expires.  FAIC ( Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) will let you know the expiration of your ID by sending an sms. For Emirates ID renewal, you will have to apply online at the FAIC website or one of typing centers, authorized by government. Apply as soon as possible once your ID is expired.

There is a fine on late submission of your application. The relevant authority will fine you 20 Aed on per day. The maximum fine on late submission of renewal application is 1000 Aed. Authorities fine you after the 30 days of your ID’s expiration.

To avoid this fine, you have to apply and submit your application within the first 30 days after the expiry date.


There are different ways in which people apply for their new IDs. Some people prefer typing centers who provide their service for submitting applications online. A person can submit his or her application online from home or office  However, one can also apply by using their app for renewal or replacing his/her cards. If you are thinking how to renew Emirates ID online, download the GDRFA app. You can renew your Emirates ID within one to three days. It is less time consuming and easier way.

Submit your Online application for renewal of Emirates ID here:


i. Original Passport of the applicant,

ii. Current Emirates ID card

iii. Visa page on the applicant’s passport ( the orange visa stamp on the passport) and credit cards.


i. A scanned soft copy of the current Emirates ID (front and back).

ii. Scan of applicant’s passport covering all details.

iii. A scan of work visa page on passport.

Note: In case, you want to change your photo, upload a soft copy of your passport size photo with white background. The photo should not be older than last three months. For UAE citizens or GCC nationals, the details of required documents is here.


  1. Visit the nearest Emirates ID Centre Serive asap.
  2. Report that you lost your Emirates ID so it is blocked by authorities.
  3. Get an attested certificate of your ID number.
  4. At official online portal or authorised typing centre, fill in the “ “replacement for damaged or lost card” form.
  5. The fee for lost or damaged ID is 300 AED.

Visit the official Emirates ID services website given below. You will register yourself by giving your email address first which will be your user name. You will have to provide your UAE mobile number. Also, OTP verifies your number. The registered email address will receive an email with a password. You can log in to your account using this password. There is also the option to change your password in “Edit Profile” on the page above.

If you have any query about any required thing, feel free to call 600530003. The application should be filled cautiously.


Once you submit the application, the next step is online payment. After this, your application is ready for next procedure in ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship).

[Save you application in soft copy and print it out.]


The application fee or cost of Emirates ID for foreigners is Dh1000. The typing centers usually charge Dh70 or more for their service. On the other hand, the visa fee of renewal online is Dh200 for two years or Dh300 for three years. In case, you do it in a typing center, they will charge you Dh30 or 40 for their services.

How long does Emirates ID take to process?:

Once the applicant gets his/her medical report, he/she have to submit some necessary documents to HR team. These documents include medical report, Emirates ID copy, insurance card copy and two passport size photos. The complete information of sponsor is an important part of EIDA process. Apparently, it is better if the company provides it instead of the applicant. However, if the applicant have to submit this information, he/she have to get all the required sposnser documents. After this, they will submit these documents in nearest EIDA office.


After submitting and approving, the applicant can get his/her Emirates ID from the post office or company’s post box, depends on whatever option is selected in application. Meanwhile, the person who applies will receive an SMS when his/her card becomes ready at the relevant office.


There is an urgent service, provided by FAIC, to get your ID card within 24 hours. Generally names as “Fawri”, this service can be availed by submitting the normal fee and an urgent service fee. To get this service, you need to visit FAIC’s Customer Happiness Center and submit the needed documents.

However, if you are a UAE citizen, or GCC citizen officially living in UAE, you can get this urgent service. The nationals of these countries mentioned above can avail this service to get “first time registration, renewing the expired card, lost or damaged card.” In addition is this, the persons who are not UAE/GCC nationals can get this offer if they have to replace their ID card.


If you compare both the processes of canceling a visa and applying for a new one, the first one is easier. Before canceling your visa, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We would mention them step by step for your easiness.

  • First of all, you should close all your bank accounts.
  • After this, sell your car and manage all such stuff before leaving UAE.
  • As far as the visa matter is concerned, your company will do this process for you in most cases. However, it does not take much effort to know this. As you know, the knowledge is always better than ignorance.


Basically, you have two ways to cancel your visa.

  1. Either you can visit one of the typing centers yourself or you will have to go through online procedure. After getting resignation from your work officially, make sure that you have settled the matters with your company.

You do not need to worry if you are an employee of a company. Its your company which have the responsibility to start the canceling procedure by submitting the necessary documents to MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation). This ministry of UAE government issues the clearance certificate.

You can find many typing centers in UAE which are there to serve you in these visa related procedures.

  • Bring the required documents with you at the center.
  • The center will ready your application in a few minutes.
  • However, your sponsor and your signature is necessary on the application.
  • After signing the application, you have to submit it in GDRFA (General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs).

In addition to this, carry the necessary documents with you while visiting the office which includes the sponsor’s passport and visa page, along with your Emirates ID card and passport. After taking Emirates ID card from you, they will stamp your passport and return it to you. You will have 30 days to leave UAE.


Our article is only a short and simple guide to let you know some details about all of Emirates ID related procedures. We recommend to visit a typing center yourself or contact a GDRFA representative to be aware of all the exact information about the fee, needed documents and other necessary things. We hope our content will help you and you would like it. Uaeemployments has basically composed it to let you know about Emirates ID and the different processes related to it. In addition to this, if you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section below or email us at ask@uaeemployments.com.

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