emirates id renew online

Emirates ID Renewal Online


In this blog today, we are going to present you four steps for renewal of your Emirates ID. These steps sum up all the procedure to renew Emirates ID. The First step is that you submit the application for your the renewal of your ID. It’s up to you, either you can do it online or via a typing center. In case you want Emirates ID renewal online, you can do it yourself from your home.

Focus on headings if you want to skip other details. It also includes how to renew your Emirates ID online by using official website.


Step 1st Submit Your Application for Emirates ID Renewal:

Now a days, it’s your burden now to renew your Emirates ID. In most cases, companies will ask you to do the renewal of your Emirates on your own. Apparently, people worry about its process and time
duration. But that’s easier than you think!

You can submit your application via any typing centers located in UAE.

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Emirates ID Renewal Online:

To do it online, just visit their website(https://smartservices.ica.gov.ae/echannels/web/client/default.html#/login?
langen) where they have provided the option of Emirates ID renewal.


renew emirates id online

What documents are required for Emirates ID renewal Online?


The scanned documents that you need for online form in soft copy:

  1. Current Emirates ID (front and back). 
  2. Scan of your passport (personal and family details).
  3. Work visa page on your passport.

REMEMBER if you want to change your picture on new Emirates ID, you alse need a photo with white background.


Login at Official Website:

  • First, register yourself as a new user.
  • In ”User Name” you will enter your email, where you will receive your password later.
  • The phone number that you will provide will receive the verification OTP.
  • Remember that you will be able to change your password later by clicking on “Edit Profile”.


How To Fill Your Application of Emirates ID Renewal Online?


emirates id renewal online


Type in all details correctly in all the boxes.

  • UID is the number on your visa page in passport.
  • On the other hand, IDN number is on your card.
  • Be careful with the digits that you enter.
  • Count them twice to make sure they are correct.
  • If your name does not include family name, your last name is your family name.
  • At any time, you can save your application and can fill it again whenever you

In case you submit your application with some typing error in it, call 600530003 and let them know the mistake so they will help. After submitting your application online, you can save and
print out your form.


Step 2nd is Visiting Medical Center:

For medical tests, visit a Preventive Medical Center. Carry your passport, renewal application form and current Emirates ID. Within a week, you will receive your medical report.


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Visit your nearest EIDA office. Keep your printed renewal application form, medical report, Emirates ID, insurance card, two passport size photos and copies of your passport. Submit them at the

Step 4th is COLLECT YOUR ID:

You will be notified at your email address when your Emirates ID is ready. You can collect it from the address that you entered in your application form.


Emirates ID Renewal Fee:
The fee of Emirates ID renewal is 100 AeD per year which is mostly two or three year. At typing center, the service fee is 70 AeD while online service fee is 40 AeD plus renewal fee.

How much is the fine for expired Emirates ID?

The question is why it is important to renew Emirates ID? The problem with expired ID is that you would be fined for carrying an expired ID card. While you are staying there in UAE, you need to
renew your Emirates ID to prevent any issue.


The fine starts after a month of your card expiry date. For example, if your Emirates ID expires on 3rd April, you have to renew it before 3rd May. After one month, you would be charged 20
Dirhams per day. Maximum amount of fine is 1000 AeD.

An Explanatory Note From Us:

We bring such informative blogs to help our reader in knowing the information about Emirates ID renewal Online. Our researchers always aim at providing free information in easiest way possible. On the other hand, we would like to explain that this is not the final and official forum. Visit the website “Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship” to get in contact with officials. We hope you have the good experience with us. Comment below to let us know your view or question.

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