Driving license in uae

Driving License in UAE

Everyone needs a license to drive a vehicle without any trouble. A driving license is basically a permission for driving. You cannot legally drive without it, so a person should have it if he or she wants to drive. The purpose of driving can be anything. You might want to drive just for traveling purpose or driving can be your favorite profession. Some people even love to drive as a favorite hobby. So, for all these purposes, holding a driving license is necessary. In this article, we will discuss how important is a driving license in UAE.


In UAE, driving license is like a success key. Is so much important because you cannot drive otherwise. Along with that, employers prefer the person holding a driving license over a person who doesn’t have it.  The process of getting a driving license in UAE is not much difficult. It’s like an exam or test to check whether you are eligible for the license or not. Like every test, there are certain steps in this process. You should know all these steps before you appear for the test. Spare some of your time to prepare yourself for this test.

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First of all, you have to take the theory classes. After getting admission in a driving school, where you need to submit passport size photo and NOC letter provided by company. Once you submit them, you have to check your eyesight there. If your eyesight is weak, they will stamp a particular sign of glasses at your file.


Now, you have to attend the theory classes. In these classes, they will teach you the rules and regulation of UAE  road signs. In addition to this, lectures will be delivered about road safety.

The first test that you have to take is “theory test”. Without passing this theory test, you cannot get a driving license in UAE. This theory test is consist of mcqs. To prepare this theory test, the driving school will provide you a book also. In the book, there is all information about everything related to driving. There are different sections about road signs, instructions, rules and general knowledge.

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After passing the theory test, you have to submit the fee for parking classes. In these classes, you will learn how to park a vehicle in different situations of parking. Along with many types of parking conditions, they will teach you “emergency break” and “hills parking.” To qualify for the next stage, you have to pass this parking test. This test is not so difficult if you follow the instructions carefully as given by your instructor. The test include five different stages. In case, you fail any of them, you have to attempt that test again which you have failed.


Once you have passed the parking test, your classes on UAE roads will be started. The location of these classes is local roads. You have to take at least 40 classes. After these classes, school instructor will examine your skills by taking the “first road test”. If you have not improved, instructor will suggest you to take more classes. If you have developed the skill and get approval by the instructor, you are ready for the final road test. You should apply for the “final test” at RTA(Road and Transport Authority) department in the driving school.

In the final test, a representative of RTA team will take your test. He/she will check your driving skills by personally sitting in the same vehicle which you are driving. If you have correctly driven the car without any mistake, you are qualified for the UAE driving license.

Here, you should not forget about the types of mistakes. There are basically two types if mistakes in this test;

  1. Major mistakes
  2. Minor mistakes.

You cannot pass the final test if commit a single major mistake. However, committing more than 12 minor mistakes can become a reason of your test failure.

A Motivational Story:

My name is Muhammad Ali. I have been an employee at a private company. During my job, I wanted to get a driving license. I had this passion to get this license because I have seen the importance of a driving license in UAE. In the first place, I got approval from the company and the NOC letter. Finally, I was able to attend the classes at the driving school. These classes were quite interesting and informative for me. I happily attended all the classes.

Luckily, I passed all the tests at first try except the final test. I did a major mistake in my final test which was the reason of my failure. The RTA team suggested me to attend 8 more classes. I did not lose courage and bravely faced the situation. At last, I passed the final test also in my second try. I could not express my happiness because it was such a big achievement for me. During all the process, I was quite impressed by the RTA team who were very professional. They behaved in a very civilized way and focused on the driving skill. I am glad that today I am telling my story while holding the driving license of UAE.


  • This driving license of UAE is eligible for almost 50 countries.
  • You are a licensed driver after getting a driving license in UAE.
  • A person’s identity is not an issue if he or she have a driving license.
  • In case you lost your wallet, the license can help someone who finds it, in accessing you to give it back.
  • In UAE, it can help you in getting a job. Most of the employers prefer a license holder person.
  • Most of the jobs have tough routines now a days. Once you get off from the work place, a desire to hang out with friends is always there. So, having a driving license allows you to visit your favorite places in your own car without any trouble.
  • Time is considered as money! You can save a lot of your time by driving your own car to reach a place. Taxis and buses might consume much of your time.
  • In a nutshell, you have many more opportunities if you have a driving license.


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