19th Person To Dive Into Deepest Point of the Earth

Hamish Hardling, a UAE resident is going to set a new world record. He intends to dive deep into deepest point of earth (11,000 metres). This depth is more than Mount Everest. Hardling also intend to spend four hours on the deep sea floor. This would be a new world record.

Mariana Trench, deepest point of the earth

Deepest Point On Earth

The deepest point on earth is Mariana Trench, in Pacific Ocean. The world is looking forward to this extra ordinary adventure. For this dive, the submersible has been designed to contain 100 thousand tonnes of pressure which is equal to 50 jumbo jets.

Before this, only a number of 18 people have visited this place till now. Hardling intend to explore the ocean floor. No one before explored the ocean floor in Mariana Trench as it is called ocean floor. Hamish Hardling wants to search for evidence that could be beneficial for human discovery.

Another Good News For UAE Residents

In March 2021, this would be another greater news for UAE. As earlier in the year 2021, UAE spaceship reached Mars which was a great achievement.

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