Tour de History; Connecting lives via Dubai Expo

Imagine that you enter into past, witness some of the most historical events by yourself, observe the lives of ancient people with your own eyes, how do they manage to live, how do they work and how do they celebrate. I bet these experiences would change you a lot once this back-into-time journey ends. Let’s have a look at this idea of connecting lives via Dubai Expo.

Present the Humans from Past:

Just like Conrad’s character Marlow explores the unknown spots of Africa, finds the completely different customs so strange and fascinating, which from Imperialists perspective seems inhumane and savage. In the same way, one who enters in this “tour de history” would not return empty handed. He would have learned much more than probably years of propagandists or industrialist literature won’t teach.

Tour de History Theatrical Museum:

Anyhow, my idea here is to basically establish a “ Tour de History” kind of museum, which would offer a wide range of tours into historical events, cultures and civilization. Everything with all their realistic humane existence and with their proper setting.

By setting, I mean to establishing a theatrical kind of presentation by using all the artistic technologies. This should be, first and foremost, free from every prejudice and biasedness, it should be the acknowledged history. This way, it would become an asset of humans.

The “Tour de History” museum would cover many historical cultures and ways of life. Then, represent it to the audience the way it happened back then.

So, the audience entering into a certain culture, would be able to see the beauty of it which otherwise they avoid because of the difference. This way, most of us humans would get out of our own bubbles. And accept the wide variety of human cultural existence.


Take A Start from Greeks:

Starting from Greeks, we all know without any doubt that their literature has benefited us humans throughout the history. It does so even now.

From their moral stories to complex tragedies, the audience get involved in the story, experience their feelings and learn from it. Fancy watching the Greek setting and their way of normal life at firsthand, how inspiring would that be.

Presenting History of Humans under One Roof:

So, the main idea here is that we establish a certain historical theater kind of museum which would present us humans, their culture and way of life from different cultures under one roof. This setting would encompass a variety of presentations which should be divided into different categories.

The audience observing these varied cultures might be able to diminish the established stereotypes, which lay the base of humans’ inter-cultural fear.

Eclipses from Diverse Cultures:

The difference between normal theater and this one would that it would perform and represents the real life actions, rather than a story. For example, how a certain African culture would celebrate a specific festival. Or, how some Asian natives of a culture would prepare for a dance.

All of these revolve around the main idea here that is to end the false misconceptions about other non native humans. To connect the humans into one bond and to show them that love is important to survive. To color the historic fabric in its real designs and enrichment.

Connect Past with Present:

On the other hand, it would indirectly emphasise on how important it is to save the environment. As we see today, from California fires to Mexico Hurricanes and the drastic changes in weather causing the fear of survival of humans and the planet. Showing the audience how humans had lived without fueling Carbon Monooxide or any other poisonous gases. Thus paving a way to enhance the understanding of our environment and planet Earth.

How We ALL Evaluated:

Such a back-into-time and other cultures would enable us to understand the evolution of human progress. Evolution is a natural process and how humans achieved what they have today. For instance, how humans pull out the water from a well, with the effort of their own hands. And how women used to sew beautiful clothing, using their hands and their own creative minds.

Along with that, this exhibition would make us proud of our cultures. The hype of popular cultures and behaviors could be lessened by such an authentic presentation of most cultures.

The narrative would take a shift from what is popular today to what existed throughout the human history on this planet.

So, if you like this idea of establishing such a exhibition or theatrical museum. Share it with everyone around you and make it popular. So that, we are able to see it one day sooner.

I personally think it would be great if a world expo such as Dubai World Expo embodies this idea. This could be a great source of human comfort after such painful pandemic.

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