Check UAE Visa Status Online

The world is changing fast. There are more facilities introduced by governments for their citizens and residents. Few years ago, it would take much of your time to know some information about your visa. You would have to visit the office personally with the relevant documents. Now a days, knowing your visa status in UAE is not a big deal. You can check UAE visa status online from home or office in a few short steps. You see, it would take just a few minutes to know this important information.

How to Check UAE Visa Status Online:

The government of United Arab Emirates have introduced the online facilty to know the status of your visa or the validity of your visa. In this blog, we will discuss all the steps about checking visa status online. How a person can submit the required information. The process is not much difficult or complicated. It is very easy if you give attention to these important details and fill the form correctly. So, if you want to know the status of your visa at anytime, you can check it by doing the following simple steps:

To Check your Resident Validity on the Official Website of GDRFA Click Here

you will be here (see below image)


Next step is to select your service (as shown in image below)

Check UAE visa status online

After Select RESIDENT VALIDITY service enter your file number from visa.

Then enter your first name as shown in image below.

Check UAE visa status online

After writing your name, write Date of Birth and your Nationality in the given field.

in the last enter the given code showing in the box and submit it.Check UAE visa status online

and finally you will see the result as shown in image below.

Check UAE visa status online

This is how you can check UAE visa status online. If you are having any problem in following these steps or knowing your visa status, feel free to post a comment. We will try our best to help you. There is also another process to check residence validity through your mobile app. (GDRFA Dubai) Download the app from store in your mobile.

Check UAE visa status online

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There is a certain fee for every kind of visa. You have to submit the fee which is different for different visas. You should know that the visa fee is not the same for every type of visa. This fee can be changed by the government at anytime. The Interior Ministry has published the fee list which have all the information about visa in Emirates. The fee is not the same for every emirate.

You should be aware of the fact that there are many fake and unreliable sources. Always go for the reliable sources and trusted companies. Do not trust every source on social media or any other place which offer fake advertisements.


The rule is simple here. If you live after the expiry date of your visa, you will have to pay the fine. Now, for the tourists or residents visa holder, the fine is 200 AED on the first day. After the first day, every day after expiry date will add 100 AED to your fine. In addition to this, you have to a fee of 100 AED for the immigration process.

In case of UAE citizens, there is also a fine on overstaying after a month of visa expiry. A UAE citizen have to pay 125 AED for the first day, with 25 AED per day after the first day. However, they have a month relaxation after the expiry date of their visa. The fine is 50 AED per day after the first six months of visa expiry.

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As you all know, this is not an official site. UAE employment is a plate form which will guide and help you about questions related to UAE law. We compose such articles as this one about check UAE visa status online to help our reader in knowing the information about UAE visa and the rules to know its status or validity. As this article describes the information about part time job in UAE, but you are advised to contact the relevant official authorities to confirm the rules and facts. Here is the link of official website. We would like to know your feedback about our article. If you have any question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask. Type it in the comment box. We will response you as soon as possible.

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