Certificate attestation for UAE Employment Visa

Certificate Attestation for UAE Employment Visa

United Arab Emirates has always been on the priority list of professionals, workers, businessmen and investors. There are many reasons which keep it a center of attraction for all those persons with different background. Many people choose UAE for its quality service, safety, proper enforcement of rules and regulations and variety in every field. It’s a country with innumerable opportunities. Along with all these plus points, it has always kept its door open for people from any background, religion, and field of work. In our blog today, let’s discuss the importance and process for Certificate Attestation for UAE Employment Visa.


So, people across all the world apply to get a work, student or residence visa. In many cases, the person has to verify degrees from certain authorities. Certificate attestation for UAE Employment Visa is important because it verifies the applicant’s documents. It sounds a bit difficult process but you should not worry about it. You have to be patient and follow the steps. It would definitely take your time and that’s completely normal.

As you know, the rules are different for many countries in the world. Every country has its own rule which may slightly or completely different from other countries. So, the process to verify or degree attestation is also different in many countries of the world. However, let’s be sure about it that if you have got a degree from a country other than UAE, then, you have to attest it from UAE embassy in your country. Also, you must attest it from Ministry of Foreign affairs in your country. Here, in our blog today, we will discuss the process of degree attestation for UAE in Pakistan.




Once you get a job offer from a company in UAE, you have to attest your documents from HEC, UAE embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan. Here, you should keep in mind that first you have to attest your degree from HEC and MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affair) before going to UAE embassy. If you have not attested the document from HEC and MOFA, UAE embassy would not consider your request of attestation.


Here Is The Complete Step By Step Procedure For Degree Attestation in Pakistan:

    • First, you have to verify your degree from relevant board or university. It might take whole one to two days.

    • Second, verify your degrees from ibcc  if intermediate level, or attest from HEC for university level degrees.

    • After this, visit foreign office for attestation. It might also take one to two days.

    • At last, you have to attest your degree from UAE Embassy in Pakistan. For this puppose, there are certain courier services that you can take service and pay the fee.

The whole process of attesting your degree in Pakistan might cost you 10 to 14 thousands Pakistani Rupees. 



If you want to know about certificate attestation for UAE visa, here’s the guidance which will help you in this purpose. Whatever country you belong, you should keep these steps in your mind. First of all, you have to attest your documents from your country’s educational authority. After that, you have to attest these documents from UAE embassy in your country. In some countries, you might be asked to attest it from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So, after doing all these attestations, you can submit your documents for verification to relevant authorities in UAE.



    1. CNIC copy (colored).

    2. Valid Passport.

    3. Original documents already attested from MOFA and HEC.

    4. Your name should be same on all the documents.

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As you all know, this is not an official site. UAE employment is a plate form which will guide and help you about questions related to UAE law. Moreover, we compose such articles to help our reader in knowing the information about UAE visa and the rules to, know its status or validity. As this article describes the information about  Certificate attestation for UAE Employment Visa but you are advised to contact the relevant official authorities to confirm the rules and facts. Here is the link of official website. We would like to know your feedback about our article. If you have any question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask. Type it in the comment box. We will response you as soon as possible.

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