5 Best Tips for Bike Riders in UAE

Note: Whether you are a motorbike rider, a bicycle rider or an electric bike rider, read this blog till end to gain the maximum of it.

In the year 2021, we have seen an increase in the bike accidents as compared to the year 2020. This led to a grave concern for RTA and Dubai Police. They have been campaigning to spread awareness about Bike Riders Safety in UAE. Recently, they have asked people to follow certain guidelines which ensure public safety in transport.


1. Bike Riders in UAE Must Wear A Helmet:

First of all, each bike rider (including electric bike, bicycle and motor bike) must wear a helmet. It is a most important requirement for a bike rider in almost every country. It keeps your head safe from injuries in case of any accident.

2. Dressing Should Be Careful:

If you are on a bike, it will be very irresponsible if you wear some clothing which does not suit your travelling. For instance, it can be dangerous to very some wavy clothes which can disturb your driving. Experts recommend wearing a jacket and a pant with the right shoes so you can drive with easiness and safety. We have seen some bike riders in UAE who seem to ignore this point.

3. Wear Eye Protection:

Sometimes, glasses are also important to wear to avoid sunlight and dust from entering your eyes. The sunlight can cause a little bit trouble when you are driving during day time. So, please ensure you have your glasses on while its sunny out there.

4. Delivery Bag and Equipment:

If you are a delivery bike rider in UAE, do not ever forget to take your bag and equipment with you while you are driving. This is very important in many cases. The police knows that you are a delivery bike rider easily. Also, in the night time, the bag and your uniform can be seen from distance because it contain the reflector elements in it.

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5. Stay Hydrated 24/7 A must for bike riders in UAE, a hot country:

This one should be preferred by everyone. Water is the most essential element for you to live. In such a hot climate such as UAE, bike riders can get dehydrated quickly. If you keep a bottle of water every time around you, you can save your life or maybe someone else’s life from danger. Dehydration causes a lot of problems. For people who are exposed to outdoor environment, it can be danger to travel without some water or drinks.

Here are some other points that you should keep in your mind while riding a bike in UAE or any other country:

  • 1. Keep your balance normal. Do not take some heavy stuff which can imbalance your riding.
  • 2. Wear proper equipment including gloves, helmet and dressing.
  • 3. On electric bike, do not have any other passenger with you. It could fine you in UAE.
  • 4. Keep a distance from other riders, pedestrians and vehicles.
  • 5. Last but most important, do not wear hand free because it makes you deaf from the road sounds.

These guidelines are not only for bike riders in UAE, people from all around should follow such measures. 

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